Do you have a new packaging style in mind or are you considering restyling your existing one?
Choose eco-friendly

Did you know?
"There is evidence that consumers tend to reward products and companies that choose to reduce their environmental impact, and are active in ensuring that waste and pollution are reduced."


THE TECHNIQUE: We provide our expertise to design the article, create the mockups, build the pilot mould for the industrialisation phase of the product and then go into production with the multi-cavity industrial mould.

Maximum optimisation of the article weight by reducing the consumption of raw materials.

Thanks to new design technologies, we can study the new packaging by eliminating the part of raw material that is "superfluous and not indispensable" while maintaining the technical and structural characteristics of the article.

Mono Material or simple separation
Each food has its own easy-to-recycle pack

We propose mono-material solutions that make it easier for the consumer to separate food from its packaging. If this is not possible, we offer simple and quick solutions that allow the pack to be broken down for proper separate collection.


ECO-SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS: for any technical information on eco-sustainable materials, to understand the differences and the possibilities of choice as well as the legislation, we have a specialised contact person at your disposal.

New eco-friendly polymers Re-Plastic or Renewable
RPP 100% recycled polypropylene and 100% recyclable.
PP RENEWABLE Polypropylene generated from 100% renewable recyclable sources.

New eco-friendly raw materials for use in new product development are now available and certified. They have the same characteristics as a standard product but are totally eco-friendly because they are not of fossil origin.


CERTIFY YOUR COMMITMENT: Communicate your commitment to sustainable packaging with the ISCC PLUS certification.

4. Packaging certificato
lo standard ISCC permette la certificazione di sostenibilità di tutte le materie prime che un’azienda sta gestendo ed è riconosciuta su tutti i mercati a livello globale.

Con questa certificazione siamo in grado di garantire e certificare l’origine delle materie prime rinnovabili e la conseguente riduzione di emissioni. Grazie alla certificazione ISCC PLUS possiamo comunicare la scelta ecologica aumentando il prestigio sia del prodotto che dell’azienda.