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Over 30 years of
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We make your brand unique
We protect your products
We propose eco-friendly solutions

Together with our customers, we develop innovative packaging and seals to guarantee public safety, respect for the environment and to improve the visual impact and functionality of the product.

Are you thinking about restyling your product?
Have you a new product idea?

We are committed to developing projects and reaching your objectives:


  • Improving the look and functionality of the product
  • Reducing emissions thanks to product weight reduction
  • Increasing competitiveness thanks to production cost reduction
Reducing emissions during product transportation thanks to logistic optimization
  • Simplifying all the process and reducing your costs



The company’s quality system is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 regulation. It includes the implementation and respect of all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The company provides the Food Certificate for all goods produced based on analysis done by independent laboratory. Please, click here to download

Your project in 5 steps



  • Feasibility Study of the article
  • Raw material selection
  • Mould investment analysis
  • Production cost analysis
  • AutoCAD and 3D project of the item
  • Submission of the prototype pending customer approval

  • Mold projection and, if requested, automation technology
  • Mold construction
  • Mold trialing with the customer present
  • Mold trialing on the industrial production line

  • Production Line set up
  • Selection of the most suitable packaging and transport of the product
  • Industrial Production

  • Stock availability guaranteed
  • Warehouse area: more than 6.000 cubic meters


  • Deliveries are arranged by reliable partners in Italy and all over Europe
  • Deliveries can be for full truck or groupage shipment