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Green Technology


Renewable Source


Since 2011, solar panels have been placed on the entire roof structure of the plant producing 140.000 Kw. of energy on an annual basis. Thanks to this investment, the company saves the equivalent of 80 barrels of petrol and reduces atmospheric emissions by 60 Tons of CO2.

Energy Reduction


In addition to investing in renewable sources, the company is dedicated to reducing energy consumption. Since 2011 the company has been investing in machines which use 40% less energy than those of a traditional design. The company is gradually replacing these machines with equivalent new generation machinery to optimize production and reduce energy consumption.

The cooling process of the production equipment is done with water. In order to reduce the energy consumption required to cool the water, the company uses “Modular Thermo convectors” which work with cold external air. Thanks to this equipment, energy consumption is reduced from 30 to 40% with the best results being achieved during the coldest period.

Close attention to water consumption


Water is of basic importance to the injection molding production in order to cool the mold and equipment. With the aim of avoiding waste, the water system is a “closed-circuit” system, with tanks retaining to keep the water level under control.

Waste, garbage and Cycling process


Recycling is organized throughout the entire premises. Approximately 90% of the waste is delivered to specialized companies. Our company separates this waste according to seven different categories: plastic, paper, carton, wood, nylon, can, spray used oil and office refuse.